Reid Travel consultants have extensive travel experience as well as several industry accreditations.  Signature connections  and long-term alliances allow our agents to provide unprecedented value and exclusive experiences.  Let us pull some strings to reserve the world for you.

Reid Travel's seasoned and knowledgeable professionals have personally visited every part of the globe.  Reid experts have planned and guided clients on one-of-a-kind trips since 1972.  Draw on our extensive resources and expertise and explore the world with confidence.

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Airline Disclaimer

Airline Disclaimer




1.  Please check your documents when you receive them.  Call us immediately  if you have any questions.

2.  Check-In - Minimum check-in for domestic flights in 90 minutes and for international flights 2 hours.  BE PREPARED TO PRESENT A GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO I.D. AT TICKET COUNTER.

3.  RECONFIRMATION - Reconfirm the use and time of flights at least 24 hours for domestic and 72 hours for international.  Failure to use any reservations may result in automatic cancellation of all continuing and return reservations.

4.  EXCURSION AND PROMOTIONAL FARES - Most discount fares involve certain restrictions.  A change in carrier(s) flight(s), time(s) or routing(s) could result in a carrier demanding a full fare.

5.  If your plans change enroute, contact the travel agency or airline for assistance.  Additonal charges may apply

6.  Please cancel your reservation prior to flight time or ticket will have no value

7.  These times, flights and fares are based on current tariffs that are subject to change without notice

8.  CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS'  We reserve the right to charge processing fees in the event of refunds, cancellations and other services

9.  Each airline has a Conditions of Carriage document which identifies the airline's rules.  This includes fare rules, cancellation rules and the airline responsibilites.  You have agreed to this set of rules by purchsing your ticket.  Please be aware that in general the airlines reserve the right to change seat assignments, schedules and equipment without notice. 

10. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY - This travel agency is acting as a mere agent for suppliers in selling travel-related services, or in accepting reservations or bookings for services that are not directly supplied by this travel agency (such as air and ground transportation, hotel accomodations, meals, tours, cruises, etc.).  This agency, therefore, shall not be responsible for any changes or cancellations made by the supplier for any reason.  We do not guarantee any of such suppliers' rates, bookings, reservations, connections, scheduling, or handling of personal effects.  Travel agent shall not be responsible for any injuiries, damages, or losses caused to any traveler outside the travel agent's control.

11. Proof of identity is required for all travel.  Without proper identification, or passport and necessary visas you will not be permitted to depart.  It is your responsibility to verify your necessary travel documents.

12. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND TRAVEL INSURANCE.  There are different types of medical, baggage or trip cancellations insurance from the supplier or the agencies.  NOTE:  Insurance coverage may not cover pre-existing conditions and may have other restrictions and exclusions.  Consult the insurance carriers direct for details.  Trip Insurance or waivers provided by the supplier may not offers insolvency coverage. 

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