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Footsteps of Louis XIV - The Sun King

Here is a truly unique and extraordinary tour that will make a wonderful gift of travel in 2016.  It is called "In the Footsteps of Louis XIV" and is hosted and guided by Countess de Vanssay.

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Footsteps of Louis XIV - The Sun King


In the Footsteps of Louis XIV, who is also known as France's Sun King, is a 9-day, luxury, one-of-a-kind tour available to only 16 lucky travelers looking for extraordinary experiences with private access to the center of French Luxury, from King Louis XIV to the present, and is guided by none other than the Countess herself, an American born Marnie de Vanssay.


It is Marnie and her "Royal" connections that make the impossible possible, such as:  "private" entrances, lunches and dinners hosted by French Royals and a farewell dinner at the Jockey Club, which is private and only accessible to the privileged few.  It also includes a 2-night stay at Chateau de la Barre, which is Marnie's home, where you enjoy their hospitality and meet Marnie's husband, the Comte, who will share his knowledge and wine from his prestigious private cellar.


View the Complete Itinerary here.

You must read this beautiful itinerary which details every day of this really unique tour which features...

  • After-hours visits to famous 17th century chateaux & gardens
  • Dining with the owners of privately owned chateaux
  • Viewing art collections normally closed to the public
  • Visiting a famous haute couture workshop
  • Luxury shopping at the LVMH foundation
  • Dining at the inaccessible "Jockey Club"
  • The Countess de Vanssay, as your hostess and your guide


*Some restrictions may apply.  Space is limited. Call Reid Travel for Terms & Conditions.




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